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September 04, 2010|Sam Mamudi, MarketWatch

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In this case, the local government could to a certain extent pay its debts by increasing the taxes, or reduce spending, just as a national one could. Further, local .

Federal Budget Spending, Deficits, the National Debt, and Social ...
This is NOT a commercial web site, it is the web site of the National Debt Awareness Center (NDAC). It was last updated . It is a direct source to government provided budget information. About Tax Code . IRS case dismissed. Be sure you .

Treasury Maneuvers in Case Debt Limit Remains
Apr 27, 2011. a contingency plan in case Congress doesn't raise the national debt . on the debt, a move conservatives argue would allow the government .

Dan Webster's just-in-case debt limit legislation | Florida Independent
Jul 11, 2011 . Dan Webster's just-in-case debt limit legislation . Act of 2011,” would prioritize federal spending with the revenue the government has coming in. The top priority would be to keep paying off the national debt to avoid default.

Kennedy School of Government Case Program C15-01-1613.0 Debt ...
recording, or otherwise—without the written permission of the Case Program Sales Office at the Kennedy. School of Government. Debt Relief for Poor Nations: .

What Is Public Debt?
Public debt is the money owed by any branch of a government. . In the case of nations defaulting on their debt, things get very complicated. . On levels lower than the national level, public debt is usually guaranteed by the nation they're a .

Obama takes debt case to American people - Political Hotsheet ...
Jul 25, 2011 . In national address, president continues to push for "balanced" plan to increase debt limit, calls on Americans to weigh in Read more by Lucy .

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The National Debt – Why Does It Matter? · The National Debt Crisis
The fact that our federal government has a National Debt isn't really a problem. . In a worst case scenario, it can create what's known as hyper-inflation, which is .

Who Do They Think They Are Fooling? - Business Insider
Mar 26, 2012 . If the Alternative happens, which is their worst case, debt grows relative to GDP. . They expect the national debt to continue to grow, even under the . the Justice Department, government operations and the Executive Branch .

10 Smart Investments to Hold in Case the U.S. Defaults - DailyFinance
Jul 25, 2011 . Treasury bills, as they are officially called, are a form of U.S. government debt, but one that the US will almost certainly never default on.

Public Confidence and Debt Management: A Model and A Case ...
High debt countries may face the risk of self-fulfilling debt crises. . the market for government debt showy signs of unstable public confidence, and of a risk premium. . Paper provided by National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc in its series .

Articles: Debt Ceiling: Worst-Case Scenario
Jul 12, 2011 . Debt Ceiling: Worst-Case Scenario. By Randall Hoven. As I understand it, if the debt ceiling is not raised, the federal government cannot borrow .

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RealClearMarkets - The Conspiracy Against Economic Growth
Aug 11, 2010 . At the end of the projection period, in 2084, the national debt . would reduce the Federal government's "tax take" from the LTBO AFS case level .

public debt Facts, information, pictures | articles ...
In the one case, however, if the debt is composed primarily of shortterm issues possessing . Public debt may characterize both national and local fiscal systems .

The National Debt “Death Spiral” | MyGovCost | Government Cost ...
Aug 17, 2011 . Here, for the case of the United States, we can apply a rule of thumb . what has most contributed to the U.S. government's national debt crisis.

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Case Study Public Debt Management, Cash Management, and ...
Case Study. Public Debt Management, Cash Management, and Domestic Debt Market Development. Tanzania. JUNE 2001. Macroeconomic and Financial .

Just in case debt ceiling deal fails, U.S. Rep. suggests spending ...
Jul 11, 2011 . Just in case debt ceiling deal fails, . to the Congress are necessary to carry out vital national security priorities. . "The purpose in prioritizing public debt repayment is to keep the United . What do you want from government?