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September 04, 2010|Sam Mamudi, MarketWatch

Obama government debt bailout program - Credit Cards
Aug 4, 2010 . Rip-off alert: There's no government program to relieve you of credit card debt, despite the hordes of Internet scammers who say there is.

No government bailout on credit card debt
Jul 26, 2010 . Do you know of any official, government-sanctioned, consumer credit card, bailout programs? If these programs don't exist, are there legitimate .

Credit Card Bailout - Reduce Your Credit Card Debts, Loans and ...
Not a Government handout or program, but true debt relief that works with your creditors . Credit Card Bailout How it works · Who qualifies for credit card bailout .

Government Credit Card Debt Bailout Program- Get Rid Of Your ...
A tsunami is a huge wave that crashes on shore, destroying homes and lives. What America is facing right now is a tsunami of debt that threatens to destroy .

What some people have called the government credit card bailout relief program plan is allowing consumers to legally and ethically reduce their debt today.

There is no government bailout for credit card debt: Money Matters ...
Oct 1, 2010 . The Question: My wife and I have about $33000 in credit card debt and my brother told me about a government bailout program to help people .

Don't fall for the 'Obama debt bailout program' scam | Fox Business
Aug 4, 2010 . Even better, these credit card debt bailout programs appear government- sanctioned. Many of the websites and promotional materials feature .

Not for everyone

Does the Credit Card Bailout Program Affect Your Credit Score ...
Jul 14, 2010 . There is no credit card bailout program. I think what you may be referring to all those ads and commercial you see proclaiming the government .

Knee Deep in Debt
touts a "new government program" to bail out personal credit card debt; guarantees it can make your unsecured debt go away; tells you to stop communicating .

Is There a Government Credit Card Bailout Program for Consumers ...
Jan 25, 2011 . Many are seeking any ways of obtaining relief from excessively high levels of credit card debt, however they can. There are many who have .!&id=5794081

The Credit Card Bailout - Seeking Alpha
Jul 4, 2010 . For example, it [the federal government] could create a program to restructure . I just think Dr. Frank's credit card bailout is justified by fuzzy .

Credit card user Bailout plan by president
Mar 31, 2009 . But there is a kind of bailout of the debt personal credit card. This is not a government program, not the taxpayers' money is used, and you can .

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Government Credit Card Debt Relief- Do You Qualify For Debt ...
Jul 16, 2010 . With a government credit card bailout, you may be able to reduce your . of the government credit card debt relief program, is that you need to .

Credit card debt relief - federal bailout money available? Or are ...
Can I get government money to help reduce my debt … . Credit card debt relief - federal bailout money available? Or are the . If you're having financial problems , call your creditors and ask if they have a hardship program.

Government Credit Card Debt Relief- Does it Exist?
Many have questions as to if the government credit card debt relief actually exists . Government Credit Card Debt Bailout Program- Get Rid Of Your Debts Now!

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Gov Debt Relief Programs? - Credit Debt
So they want to know, “Are there government grants to pay credit card debt?” There has been talk of the government bailout debt relief program. Thousands of .

The Government Bailout Plan - Credit Debt
We are not referring to the government credit card debt grants that some debt settlement blogs have written about. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no program .